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Designing Outstanding Resources. Reducing Teacher Workload.  Preventing Burnout.

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Designing Outstanding English  Resources.

Managing teacher stress.


At Harper Quill For Schools, we recognise that managing teacher workload is integral to staff retention and your school’s academic success. We offer tailored, modern, research-driven, and ready-to-use teaching units which guarantee outstanding results. We understand the challenges that teachers face and are here to help schools support them. This is why our resources are designed to reduce the planning time by 10 hours a week, per member of staff. 

All the resources include a differentiated comprehensive powerpoint, pre-lesson reading, post-lesson reflection tasks, differentiated homework, and an additional reading list.  The lessons are prepared and monitored by our Curriculum Leader – an outstanding qualified teacher of English and a GCSE examiner with 9 years of experience teaching in a number of schools; from those in special measures to those placed in the 2% of best achieving schools in the country.

We plan:

KS3-KS5 Teaching Units

Presentations For Parents Evenings, Open Evenings and Assemblies

CPD Sessions

Teacher Coaching Programmes (Aspiring To Good, Good to Outstanding)

EAL Interventions, Extracurricular Provision and Exam Revision Classes

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Each Unit Includes

Differentiated content

Each task comes with a number of questions which grow in difficulty. The students can chose a bronze, silver, gold or platinum question depending on how confident they feel in the subject. Whether the students are gifted and talented, or have special educational needs, we have a right level of stretch and challenge.

Tailored assessment for learning

We give you the tools to check how well the students have understood the new information at many stages of the lessons. This may be through games, questions, self reflection, or written task. Those mini ‘assessments’ will help you measure the progress based on the specific needs of your students.

Effective questioning

We embed Bloom’s or SOLO taxonomy into the lesson and base our questioning around it. This gives the students the opportunity to apply, analyse, synthesise and evaluate their knowledge. 

A range of teaching styles

By  incorporating various methods into our planning, we are able to provide a variety of tasks to engage our students. Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic students will find something for them in our every lesson. 

Time For Reflection

Your students will learn how to reflect on their mistakes  and set themselves SMART learning targets.  As recognising strengths and weaknesses can make the difference between success and failure, we put a lot of effort to develop your students’ ability to reflect on their own learning. 

Flipped Learning

To maximise the active learning time in the classroom, students are introduced to additional learning material before class, or as homework, with classroom time then being used to deepen understanding through discussion with the teacher and problem-solving activities facilitated by teachers. 

* Can be adapted to the needs of certain groups such as PP or EAL.

Report Bank

Our reports are linked to the lesson objectives and success criteria of the teaching units and include a choice of strengths and weaknesses. Those are supplemented with SMART targets followed by specific, curriculum linked task to help students reach their target.  All tasks are skill-based, differentiated, open ended, and linked to exam skills.

What Do We Offer?

  • Creating comprehensive teaching units

  • Adapting resources to the needs of English as Additional Language, Special Educational Needs, Pupil Premium and Gifted & Talented
  • Modernising dated or unimaginative resources

  • Introducing consistency across all departmental resources

  • Creating 5 year curriculum plans for individual departments or whole schools

  • Designing parent engagement workshops and exam support classes for parents

  • Embedding culturally diverse texts in the curriculum
  • Making resources ‘Dyslexia’ friendly. 
  • Strengthening the presence of transactional and creative writing
  • Creating cross-curricular thematic units 
  • Differentiating tasks,  success criteria, assessments and homework based on Bloom’s or SOLO taxonomy
  • Clarifying short term and long term learning objectives 
  • Planning after-school interventions
  • Preparing resources for  assemblies, open evenings and parents evenings 

  • Developing marking policies and plans

  • Embedding flipped learning for high achieving and struggling students

  • Developing peer assessment initiatives

  • Improving student response to marking

  • Integrating PSHE and British Values into schemes of learning

  • Designing a wide range of extracurricular activities: Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Journalism, Philosophy For Children, Critical Thinking and Speech Writing.

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